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Recommended wood deck stains are standout choices with high ratings or reviews. They include Amteco TWP Stains, which offer exceptional value and last longer than any other wood deck stain on the market when applied properly.

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Amteco TWP Stain

Top rated wood deck stain Amteco TWP

Amteco TWP Deck Stains get the best reviews by professinals and consumers who use the product. TWP is an EPA registered wood preservative made with a unique combination of chemicals that enhance the natural beauty and warmth of wood. TWP Stain is designed to penetrate rather than build a film, and protects exterior wood from premature loss of color, rot, surface mildew, and water absorption. Amteco TWP products have the most recommendations from consumers and professionals who have used them, which is why TWP Stains appear at the top. When properly applied TWP will last three to five years.

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amteco twp wood stain gets top deck stain reviews

Sikkens receives good reviews across the board. It boasts excellent performance and durability, with protection lasting up to two to three years when applied and maintained as directed by the manufacturer. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection, ultimate durability and a beautiful furniture finish appearance with the simplicity of a single product- two coat application.

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Amteco TWP Wood Stain


amteco twp 1500 stain

Cabot is one of the oldest and most recognized deck stains on the market today. You can find a Cabot stain for your deck at nearly every home improvement retailer, as well as at most paint stores.

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The Durastain 1-Gallon Semi-Transparent Water-Based Chestnut Brown Exterior Wood Stain is suitable for use on wood decks, fences, siding and more and provides a richly pigmented, semi-transparent matte finish in chestnut brown. This water-based alkyd/acrylic formula penetrates like oil while protecting with the strength of acrylic to help protect wood from cracking, splitting, warping, scuffing, abrasions or water damage.

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Amteco TWP Wood Stain


Top rated wood deck stain Amteco TWP

Behr is occasionally recommended and is a deep penetrating, acrylic-based stain. Although the manufacturer claims it will protect wood from the elements for up to six years, a more realistic estimate would be one to two years.

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